Railway line blocked in Mahendragarh in protest against Agnipath project : The Tribune India


Mahendragarh, June 17

Youths today staged massive demonstrations in Narnaul, Kanina and Satnali in the district to protest against the ‘Agnipath’ scheme.

Protesters sat on the railway tracks at Satnali, blocked car traffic at Mahavir Chowk and Hero Honda Chowk in Narnaul town for more than two hours and damaged police barricades.

The police resorted to a light charge of lathi to disperse the protesters. Considering the situation, the district administration then imposed Article 144 in the district.

Mahendragarh Police Superintendent Vikrant Bhushan could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.

Sumit Kumar, spokesperson for the district police, said three cases had been registered against protesters in Satnali, Kanina and Narnaul in relation to the roadblock and stone throwing.

“Protesters sat on the train tracks in Satnali for about 20 minutes. They were then dispersed,” he said.

Demonstrations also took place in the villages of Kosli and Aasalvaas in Rewari.

A group of youths reportedly threw stones at police as they tried to stop them from blocking the Delhi-Jaipur highway near the village of Aasalvaas. —TNS

Protest of aspirants in Hisar, Kurukshetra

  • On Friday, army aspirants in Hisar staged a protest at Mahavir Stadium, demanding the abandonment of the “Agnipath” program for recruitment into the defense forces.
  • Meanwhile, in Kurukshetra, a group of students also staged a protest and shouted slogans against the central government in front of Kurukshetra University.
  • The protesters filed a memorandum in support of their demand

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