Railway line closed for week in Southampton



Buses will replace trains from Southampton Central to Brockenhurst and Romsey during a closed week to allow completion of the upgrade.

From Saturday February 13 through Friday February 19, the line will be closed upon completion of work on a £ 17million upgrade for freight services.

The redevelopment of the lines used by freight trains accessing the port of Southampton have been underway since the end of January.

22 new signals, 14 sets of switches and 22 new signals were installed. This means that freight trains will no longer have to enter and exit the marine terminal to load and unload.

To use the new signals, the line must be closed while engineers complete the project.

Trains will be able to travel at higher speeds and with longer sidings, efficiency will be increased by up to 30%. Longer freight trains mean less heavy goods on the roads.

Credit: Rail network

Each train could carry up to 14 additional containers, the same as 14 heavy goods vehicles en route to Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Passengers can get more information about the service changes and replacement bus services on the Network Rail website.

Mark Killick, Network Rail’s Wessex Route Director, said: “The closure of the line between February 13 and 19 will end the core work of this project, and with it, huge benefits for our operators. freight and the local environment. It is vital that we continue to modernize the rail network and we are grateful to our passengers and those who live close to the train tracks in Southampton for their patience as we complete this work.

Charlene Wallace, Director of Freight, Domestic Passengers and Customer Experience for Network Rail, said: “We are delighted to see this program move forward, building on the work already being undertaken in Southampton which is helping our customers keep rolling. longer and heavier trains. We are committed to moving more freight on rail, and programs like this give the industry the boost it needs to deliver.

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