Railway workers start three-day warning strike on Thursday


The 3-day warning strike started by the railway workers could go ahead as planned following their inability to find an amicable solution during their meeting with the Minister of Transport in Lagos over the weekend.

The workers threatened to go on a 3-day warning strike for failure to respect their demand by the authorities, claiming that their wages did not exceed N40,000 per month despite numerous risks.

The railway workers demand improved emoluments, an improvement in well-being and protection in their services.

The head of the railway workers in Nigeria, Comrade Innocent Luka, told the BBC Hausa Service in an interview monitored by DAILY POST explained that the warning strike is becoming inevitable because the workers are pushing against the wall.

He explained, “We met because of the things we wrote so that the government would act and understand.”

He added that they talked about increasing workers ‘wages and allowances, as well as improving workers’ welfare.

Comrade Innocent Luka further stated that they were unable to reach an amicable solution with the Minister during their meeting.

He said all documents they submitted about four months ago to the president must be approved by the president.

He explained that the Minister had told them that the President had traveled outside the country, assuring that he (Minister) would present their grievances to the President if he returned.

He lamented that all their discussions with the Minister on the increase in salaries, the President has not yet obtained the information.

Comrade Innocent Luka said they started demanding a pay rise about 6 years ago with the Minister and General Manager of Railways, included it in the 2021 budget proposal, saying that when ‘It was presented to the National Assembly, they withdrew the issue of their salary increase.

Luka assured that the warning strike would start on Thursday and end on Saturday, adding that after which they would resume and give the authorities some time.

According to him, if nothing is done, they would launch a total strike and which would be of indefinite duration.

He explained that they have been patient in vain for so long, pointing out that the salary of a railway worker is not more than 30,000 N, 42,000 to 43,000 N, because the engine of the locomotive combined with the cars costs 1.5 to N1. 6 billion.

He further explained that a train carries more than 800 passengers, while the safety of the passengers is in the hands of the worker receiving less than 30,000 N.


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