Reopening of Burton to Leicester Railway Line takes next step


Railway Minister Wendy Morton reveals that the reopening of the Ivanhoe line for passenger services has received approval to move to the next stage.

The Railway Minister has announced her support for 10 proposals which could see closed passenger lines reopen in England, one of which is the Burton to Leicester railway which has been put forward by the campaign to reopen the Ivanhoe line (CRIL).

Network Rail will provide funding to support the next stage of development work alongside CRIL and will be released in stages as work is assessed and as it progresses, supporting decisions for ongoing development and creating a full business case with the decision to continue. with implementation.

The Department for Transport will work alongside CRIL and Network Rail as the project progresses and is in contact with Douglas McLay and Bruce Wakely of CRIL regarding next steps.

Wendy Morton said:

“The Department’s assessment took into account the strategic and economic case presented, the deliverability of the program and the infrastructure needs, with an emphasis on the question of transport and the strength of the case.
for action. This program has significant potential to improve community connectivity along the Ivanhoe Line route and I look forward to seeing it progress. »

CRIL spokesperson Douglas McLay said

“We are delighted with this announcement which brings the reopening of the Ivanhoe line much closer. Passenger services on the Line would provide real value for the relatively modest government investment required. The reopening of this railway would be a real boost to the often forgotten people of South Derbyshire and Northwest Leicestershire. We look forward to working closely with the Department for Transport and Network Rail to provide a rail service that meets the needs of local people.”

CRIL was created by the late Geoff Bushell in 2019, who tirelessly raised awareness and support with the goal of seeing the Ivanhoe line reopen. Geoff secured public support for the nine first and second tier local authorities on the line alongside all local MPs who all support the campaign.


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