Retrospective: Kyabram Railway Station


Early activity: Kyabram Station.

This early photograph of Kyabram Station was taken looking east near the Church St level crossing. It depicts the station on the south side with a horse and cart backed up to the goods shed on the north side .

Work began on the railway line in June 1886. The offer of £106,806 from Messrs. Nichol, Gray and Tamlyn was accepted for the construction of the line between Echuca and Toolamba.

Earthworks were carried out by local farmers using their farm horses, carts and shovels. As these works progressed, they were followed by ballast, sleepers, and rails, allowing rail trucks to transport building materials to job sites.

On March 26, 1887, the last connecting rail was positioned about half a mile west of Kyabram at a settlement called Pine Grove. The last spike was driven by Mr. Andrew J. Allan of Kyabram, chairman of Echuca County, on Monday, March 28, 1887.

Allan St is named after Mr. Allan.

A train consisting of a locomotive with ballast trucks containing sleepers for seats transported the members of the picketing ceremony from Echuca to the historic site.

The grand opening took place at Kyabram where Rodney’s MHR James Shackell broke a bottle of wine on offer. A special train from Echuca bought people for the celebrations, which ended with a banquet and a ball.

Compiled by Eileen Sullivan, volunteer librarian of the Kyabram Historical Society.


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