Rs 106 crore sanctioned for third Vizag-Gopalapatnam railway line


To alleviate rail traffic congestion in the South Coast Rail Zone, the Railway Commission has sanctioned Rs. 106 crore for the third line. The proposed third line will connect Vizag City Railway Station to Gopalapatnam Diamond Crossing.

The Visakhapatnam–Gopalapatnam railway line had been on the cards for years now. This 8 km railway line connecting the city was proposed in 2017-2018. And during the budget session of the same year, funds were approved for the investigation. In 2020, a similar proposal was made by the Zonal Railway User Advisory Committee (ZRUCC). He proposed that up to 25 sets of regular and special trains bypass Visakhapatnam station. An estimated cost, assessed by the departmental and zonal office, was also given.

Taking into account the request of the ZRUCC, the proposal, which had already been considered by the Board of Railways, was taken up by the members of the board of the Board of Railways. In surveying the entire railway route, an amount of Rs. 106 crores was sanctioned.

With this sanction, the third railway line Vizag – Gopalapatnam will relieve passengers traveling to Duvvada, Simhachalam, etc., as they can now leave more quickly. It is also possible and possible that the railways will increase the speed on these distances or introduce more trains on this route.

It is proposed to build the third railway line with advanced technology and facilities. This 8 km section would be equipped with an automatic signaling system. The whole line is also proposed to be electrified.

It can be noted that already the Duvvada – Gopalapatnam railway line has introduced an automatic signaling system between Simhachalam – Gopalapatnam – Visakhapatnam. And for about 2.1 km from the Simhachalam – Gopalapatnam bypass, pipeline works are in progress.


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