Scarborough woman ‘surprised’ as train passengers evacuated on active tracks after ‘brake failure’ near Seamer

Passengers evacuated from train near Seamer and on active train tracks. (Photo: Kelly Turner)

Kelly Turner was returning from an overnight work trip to Peterborough when she drove all the way to York to Seamer where ‘everything seemed perfectly fine’.

“All of a sudden we stopped and all the passengers kind of looked at each other like ‘how weird’,” Ms Turner said.

The train continued to start and stop for the next 20 minutes before the driver announced there was a problem with the brakes, Kelly said, and she was then forced to sit in the train for the next three hours.

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Passengers were moved to first class and shared water, cake and biscuits, but were later forced to evacuate the train and onto active tracks after “nothing worked”.

“In the end, they contacted the police who came to guide us off the train with all the other staff and ordered us down in the dark onto the tracks,” Ms Turner said.

Police guided train passengers along the tracks to a point of refuge where they waited for taxis to transport people to Scarborough town center where the train was due to terminate.

Kelly, who said the whole ordeal was “tiring and frustrating”, was relieved to have been on “one of the newer trains and not the oldest” and admitted the trip was “a bit catastrophic”.

“We all made it home and no one was hurt. I really felt for a young lad who only made it to Seamer, that was a huge inconvenience really.

“I was a bit surprised that one of the new trains broke down,” she added.

Kelly said she finally got home at 9 p.m., three hours later than her scheduled 6 p.m. arrival at Scarborough station.

A spokesperson for TransPennine Express said: “We apologize to customers who traveled on this service on March 30 and thank them for their patience while our engineers carried out essential repair work.

“This particular train developed a fault which had the effect of automatically applying the brakes whenever the train speed exceeded 5 mph. Our engineers knew that resolving this issue would take some time, so we made the decision to to safely escort people on the train to the station.

“Anyone who was delayed 15 minutes or more by this incident has the right to delay reimbursement and more information can be found on our website.”

The Scarborough News contacted British Transport Police for comment, but received no response.


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