Seaton Tramway announces the opening of two new stops.


15:06 July 21, 2022

Seaton Tramway, has announced the opening of two new halts – or stops – and some other changes to Seaton Tramway this summer.

Seaton Wetlands Halt and Riverside Halt will officially open to passengers from August 1. The new stops will bring the total number of stops from three to five along the three-mile line.

The project began in 2019, with the Riverside stop starting construction before the pandemic and finishing the day before the first lockdown in March 2020.

Seaton Tramway’s Riverside Depot will now be accessed by a new floating platform built over the River Ax estuary, allowing visitors to peek into the tram depot and view the shunt of trams and engineering.

Since the end of construction, a new interactive exhibition that explains how electricity is delivered to the line and to the trams is also available for visitors.

A Seaton Wetlands stopover will also open, giving Seaton Tramway visitors access to nature reserves, its four kilometers of trails and the wildlife that call them home.

The new wetland stop, sponsored by a donation from the Fine Family Foundation, connects a new 250-meter boardwalk that takes people from the trams to the wetlands and up to the Wetlands Discovery Hut. Trams will arrive at the stop every 20 minutes.

Jenny Nunn, Managing Director of Seaton Tramway, said: “After many years of planning, together with our partners at EDDC’s Countryside team, we have finally succeeded in completing the final piece of the puzzle, creating a circular link via the tram to Seaton and the amazing Seaton Wetlands for all to enjoy.

“This is a unique project that also opens up an area by the River Ax for the first time offering an innovative insight into the history

The new stops were built in conjunction with the Tramway’s ‘Journey Through the Ax Valley and Heritage’ project, funded in part by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. More details can be found at


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