SER GM inspects Ranchi rail division


South Eastern Railway (SER) General Manager Archana Joshi visited the Ranchi Railway Division for a detailed inspection of the passenger facilities available at Ranchi Station, such as a food stand, a newly constructed pedestrian bridge, a sign computerized, a waiting room and offices of various departments located at Ranchi Station.

Joshi visited Ranchi’s rail division with SER’s public relations manager, Niraj Kumar.

During the Director General’s visit, Nityalal Kumar, Additional Deputy Secretary General of the SER Men’s Congress, with a delegation of 70 members, greeted her and submitted a letter containing their pending demands. Speaking to The Pioneer, Kumar said a large number of railway workers have died from Covid-19 and their dependents have not been granted employment for compassionate reasons until. ‘now.

Kumar added that some employees had not received their travel allowance and high cost allowance for over a year, so the railroad should consider this issue as well.

During the inspection, Joshi expressed satisfaction with the cleanliness and comfort of the passengers and also asked for improvements where there is a need for improvement. The divisional director of railways, Pradeep Gupta and other officers of the division were present from the headquarters.

Joshi supervised the environmental works and inaugurated the effluent treatment plant (ETP) at the Hatia station with a treatment capacity of 500 kiloliters of wastewater per day, thanks to which the wastewater from the Hatia station and the depot of coaches can be processed and reused.

In the boardroom of the divisional office, a meeting was held with the team of the Multidimensional Business Development Unit of the Ranchi Railway Division as well as the prominent businessmen of the division.

After that, the first stone was laid for the expansion of the spectator gallery and the players’ room at the Astroturf hockey stadium in Hatia. A women’s hockey exhibition game was also played on the occasion. On this occasion, the general manager said that there are a lot of talented players in the Ranchi railway division, especially in the field of hockey. “I call on all players to join Indian Railways and take advantage of the facilities provided by Indian Railways, develop their sports skills and increase the value of the country and Indian Railways,” he said. she declared.

On this occasion, Principal Chief Operating Manager, Prabhas Dansana, Principal Chief Commercial Manager, Satish P Dudhe, Principal Chief Engineer, UK Vareen, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, PK Mandal, Principal Financial Adviser and Chairman SERSA, Prashant Mishra, Chief Electrical Locomotive Engineer , RK Tiwari, Division Senior Business Manager and Public Relations Manager, Avneesh and all branch and other agents were in attendance.


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