Severn Valley Railway will carry out tests on the Britannia steam locomotive


Locomotive Services Group has released a brief update on ongoing overhaul work on BR Britannia No. 70000 Britannia

Britannia is in turmoil after leaving the shed on Monday January 17. The staff resolved the minor issues encountered after a major overhaul, with the locomotive in excellent condition and now in the next stage of its overhaul for return to service.

On Monday 24th January Britannia will travel by road to the Severn Valley Railway for a month of testing and running-in.

In February, once testing is complete, the locomotive will return to Crewe Diesel Depot under its own power via the main line.

Credit: Locomotive Services Group

After a load test on the main line, a fresh coat of BR Brunswick Green paint will be applied to the Brit and the locomotive will join the steam fleet from March.

Locomotive Services Group also released details of work completed on 70000 Britannia. The work carried out includes:

  • Complete disassembly, with boiler removed from the frames
  • Movement revamp
  • Wheelsets removed
  • Boiler overhaul with new tubes
  • Air system overhaul
  • Installing TPWS4
  • Overhaul and repair of cabin and piping
  • New ashtray
  • Tender reduced to executives and rebuilt
  • New Tender tank and fittings installed by LNWRH
Britannia testing at Crewe
Credit: Locomotive Services Group

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