Spain launches new high-speed rail line to Galicia


The AVE (Spanish high-speed train) to Galicia, which connects Madrid to the Galician city of Ourense, was opened after 16 years of construction.

This new high-speed connection will reduce Madrid-Ourense journeys by 1 hour and 28 minutes.

The $677.74 million (€600 million) project, which included the Atlantic Axis Corridor and the North-North-West Corridor, involved approximately 40.5 km of platform and 30 km of track railway.

The works related to the project were carried out by the Spanish infrastructure operator Sacyr.

Sacyr worked on the renovation of the Santiago de Compostela station, as well as the construction of platforms and two underground passages to connect them.

The company participated in the section of the Portocamba-Campobecerros platform (Orense) of 4,200 m, in addition to the excavation of 7,233 m of tunnel.

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The works were carried out on the segment of the Carballiño-Lalín platform of 13,280 m.

Sacyr excavated around 5,995 m of rock for three tunnels as well as 1,740 m of viaducts by deploying mobile scaffolding technology.

The project included work on the Cerponzons-Portella platform and a 6,248 m section of track, as well as the construction of three viaducts and a tunnel.

The company also built the Pontevedra-Cerponzons platform and a 6,843.5 m stretch of track.

Under this section, Pontevedra station was redeveloped and three false tunnels, spanning 760 m, were established.

Sacyr assembled the Villagarcía de Arousa-Padrón stretch of track which covered 25.7 km of track assembly (ballast and slab) on conventional gauge as well as UIC on multipurpose sleepers.

As part of the 5,337 m long Meirama-Bregua tunnel (A Coruña), the company built a 2,600 m tunnel using the Austrian method, a 900 m cut-and-cover tunnel and two viaducts.

In addition, the company worked on the construction of a 3,834 m double-track tunnel, including a 92.5 m tunnel2 loading gauge.

In January 2020, a consortium including Sacyr Infrastructures and Engineering started work on the green line of the São Paulo metro in Brazil.

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