Stadler launches dual-mode Class 99 locomotive on UK market


Stadler have introduced their Co’Co’ Class 99 dual-mode locomotives to the UK, following a successful rollout across Europe.

Stadler introduces the Co’Co’ Class 99 dual-mode locomotive to the UK

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Around 100 EURODUAL 6-axle locomotives have been sold across the continent, and the Class 99 has now been adapted to UK gauge and specification.

Stadler says these new Co’Co’ Class 99 dual-mode locomotives represent a new generation of locomotives that offer rail operators both economic and environmental benefits.

They can run on 25kV AC electrified lines with 6,000 kilowatts of power at the flywheel and run on non-electrified lines through the use of their high output, low emission Stage-V engine.

The locomotives can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour and have a tractive effort of up to 500 kilonewtons.

Stadler has received its first UK order from leasing company Beacon Rail and GB Railfreight (GBRF), signing an agreement for the supply of 30 dual-mode Co’Co Class 99 locomotives, including spares.

John Smith, CEO of GB Railfreight, said:

“This is an important milestone for GB Railfreight and the UK, and I would like to thank the teams at Stadler and Beacon Rail for working together to produce a train fit for a greener future.

“Rail freight is already a more sustainable alternative to transporting goods by road, but Class 99 will increase our industry’s sustainability levels and propel us further towards delivering on the UK government’s task of decarbonizing the rail industry d ‘by 2040 to support the UK’s net zero ambition.’


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