Stainer Mogul Fund update on steam locomotive 13268



The Stanier Mogul Fund has published its latest update on the overhaul of its steam locomotive, London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Stanier Class 5 (2-6-0) ‘Stanier Mogul’ No.13268, at the Severn Valley Railway.


In recent weeks, the team has focused on the engine’s two outer cylinders.

First, the team redesigned the left cylinder piston, using thin strips of steel to help guide the piston into position.

Then the studs used to secure the front cylinder covers were screwed into place. This involves cleaning each hole to make sure the studs screw on smoothly.

Once the studs are in, the front cylinder covers could be temporarily installed using four bolts, which can allow the team to properly adjust the valves.

Finally, the pipes of the copper drain valves were cleaned and roughly polished.

Right front cylinder cover replaced // Credit SMF

Valve gear

Starting from the right side, the extension link is mounted and moves freely. A minor issue was noted, with the alignment between the union link and the combined quarter inch lever. To help understand why the alignment is incorrect, the union link has been installed.

Smoke box

Drilling and adding countersunk holes on the new smoke box license plate is complete.

The superheater head is being prepared for crack detection and hydraulic testing. On the smoke box, many parts are ready to be assembled, including the liner for the bottom of the smoke box, the upper half of the steel ring that secures the smoke box to the boiler barrel and the liner. from the smoke box door.

Parts for Smokebox // Credit SMF
Parts for Smokebox // Credit SMF

You can read more about the Stanier Mogul Fund on their website here.

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