Taff Vale Steam Locomotive No.28 Completed First Stage



Gwili Vintage Carriage Group announced that they have reached their first fundraising milestone to allow Taff Vale No. 28 to be overhauled and put back into operation.

The Taff Vale No. 28 is the last Welsh built standard gauge steam locomotive and is based at the Gwili Railway in Carmarthenshire.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, £ 32,000 has been raised for the overhaul of the locomotive.

Donations came from the general public and a grant of £ 18,250 from the Association for Industrial Archeology.

Credit: NRM

This funding will allow the first sections of the frames and movement to receive repair work, as well as to remove the boiler from the frames and inspect it.

The condition of the boiler will then determine the remaining cost and lead time, but the overall cost is estimated to be around £ 160,000.

The boiler inspection and the first phase of the work should be completed by spring 2022.

The locomotive, once its overhaul is complete, will carry trains to the Gwili Railway and it is hoped that it will eventually haul a rake of vintage cars from the Taff Vale Railway which are being restored separately.

Brake train inspection on Taff Vale 28
Credit: NRM

David Murray, Gwili Railway Project Manager for the overhaul, said: “I want to thank everyone who has generously contributed to the project so far. Achieving this first goal is an important step and will allow us to inspect the boiler and give us a much better idea of ​​the amount of work that will be required to complete the overhaul.

If you would like to donate, please click here.

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