Tanzania clears the air of an imported SGR locomotive


By Tatou Mohamed

Dar es Salaam. The government has purged the air on the standard gauge railway locomotives it has ordered, saying they have not yet arrived in the country.

He said his SGR engines were still being manufactured and what was brought in was a test locomotive ordered by the contractors.

Chief government spokesman Gerson Msigwa made the statement after a debate erupted on social media over an SGR locomotive.

Mr Msigwa tweeted: “DO NOT FOOL PEOPLE. Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) locomotives ordered by the government have not yet arrived in the country, they are still in a factory under construction. The locomotive that has arrived in the country is intended to be tested by SGR contractors”.

On February 21 this year, Mr Msigwa tweeted: “An electric locomotive is coming to the country. It is intended for use on standard gauge railways (SGR).

However, after Msigwa’s post, a debate ensued on social media by different people telling Mr Msigwa that the locomotive brought into the country was a second-hand locomotive.


Westernife wrote: “We don’t know anything but the government should tell us why they are tied to the purchase of rusty electric train motors, otherwise you have to sue Wikipedia for saying TRC bought these worthless SGR locomotives, we need actions but not mere words you need to file a complaint against Wikipedia you bought the rusty electric locomotives how come you are victimizing Yapi.

Sylvia Shikonyi Hansson wrote, “How come the contractor brings scrap metal into the country and then you dare to hold a press conference and show us that scrap metal. How do you really see us? Does this mean that we have not taken trips abroad without any idea of ​​modern things. Shame on you for bringing us this worthless electric locomotive.


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