The Flying Scotsman steam locomotive will visit Skegness this Saturday on a tour from London



The 60103 Flying Scotsman steam locomotive will return to the mainline and will be in London, Peterborough and Skegness on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Flying Scotsman carries the Jolly Fisherman railtour.

The tour departs from London King’s Cross at 07:17 and then passes through Finsbury Park (07:25), Potters Bar (07:51), Welwyn Garden City (08:02), Stevenage (08:17), Hitchin (08:24), Sandy (08:38) , Huntingdon (08:55), Peterborough (09:31), Spalding (10:05), Sleaford (10:31), Boston (11:23), Wainfleet (12:01) and Skegness at 12:19.

The Flying Scotsman’s return trip will begin in Skegness at 4:27 p.m. and will pass through Wainfleet (4:39 p.m.), Boston (5:17 p.m.), Heckington (5:42 p.m.), Ancaster (6:01 p.m.), Grantham (6:20 p.m.), Peterborough (7:23), Sandy (20 : 14), Biggleswade (20:19), Hitchin (20:30), Stevenage (20:43), Welwyn Garden City (21:00), Potters Bar (21:12), Finsbury Park (21:29) and London King’s Cross at 9:35 p.m.

The times above in brackets are approximate times. Please click on the links below, which follow the train throughout the day to keep up to date with its passage through your local station.


To know the times of these movements, please click on the links below:

If you go out and see Flying Scotsman, why not sign up for LocoStop. It’s our rail community, and share your photos of your adventures! Click here to join.

As always, please respect the dangers of the railroad. Please do not enter the railroad to see this iconic locomotive – stay at public access areas!

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