The narrowly avoided dread on the railway line


Steam locomotive D3 639 with diesel locomotive Y133 at Muckleford on the Castlemaine branch in Maldon.

Victorian Goldfields Railway crews were shocked following a near-crash between a train and a child on the tracks on October 31.

At approximately 4:45 p.m. on Sunday, the train crew traveling from Castlemaine to Maldon saw four young children in the rail corridor about 100 yards from the Midland Highway crossing in Castlemaine.

John Hoy, vice president of VGR, said a child was extremely close to the line, in a position where he likely would have been struck by the locomotive if the crews had not taken prompt action to stop him at about three or four yards from the child.

“Such an incident, although it was almost missed, illustrates the dangers that can easily come into play when you least expect it,” Hoy said.

“From the railway point of view, our teams were quite shocked by the near miss and I hope that some of the children involved could understand the danger in which they had placed themselves. “

Mr Hoy said the Castlemaine and Maldon Railway Preservation Society, the operator of the Victorian Goldfields Railway, have asked residents of Castlemaine and Maldon to be more attentive to trains running on the branch line.

“As the state of Victoria opens up, with more visitors to the region, there will be more trains in circulation over the next few months,” he said.

“Castlemaine Maldon Railroad crews will continue to be vigilant by keeping an eye out for people who may endanger themselves in the rail corridor.

“The railway wants everyone to be more aware of what is going on around them and in particular to take good care of the people in their charge. And stay safe! ”

The Victorian Goldfields Railway now operates trains on Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as special trains. You will find all the details of these trains on Reservations must be made online.


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