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The Sheridan City Council is awaiting the results of grant applications before approving a land swap with the Rotary Club of Sheridan that could result in a locomotive fleet in the city.

The debate centers on the use of city funds to move CB&Q locomotive #5631 from its current location at the corner of East 5th and Broadway to land northeast of its current location and build an interpretive park to house engine.

According to Councilman Aaron Lindon, city leaders are waiting to determine how much grant funding may be available for the expensive project.

“Until we know how directly the project would impact the city, it’s on hold,” Lindon said.

Sheridan Rotary Club members and CB&Q #5631 Renovation Committee members Blaine Hadfield and Dan Stalker briefed listeners on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse on the development of a potential locomotive fleet.

Hadfield provided the history of the locomotive and its significance.

B. Hadfield

Hadfield and Stalker spoke of the importance of the railroad to the Sheridan area, the trains helped move coal through the area and moved livestock as well as visitors and those wishing to move to the area, making Sheridan the destination it is today.

For the full story of the locomotive and to see artist renditions of the proposed interpretive center, check out Sheridan Media reporter Cynthia Vannoy’s report here.


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