The Royal Scot 46100 steam locomotive will transport Llandudno to York and pass through Manchester


46100 Royal Scot will be on the main line this week (December 15th) as it flies The Christmas White Rose.

A heritage diesel will depart from Llandudno Junction at 7:04 am and pass through Colwyn Bay (7:10 am), Rhyl (7:23 am), Prestatyn (7:31 am), Flint (7:49 am) and Chester at 8:04 am, where the steam locomotive is tethered.

Departing Chester at 8:35 am, the steam train will pass through Helsby (8:36 am), Frodsham (8:51 am), Warrington Bank Quay (9:06 am), Newton-le-Willows (9:21 am), Eccles (9:37 am), Manchester Victoria (9 am : 47), Ashburys (10:10), Edale (11:24), Grindleford (11:35), Sheffield (11:48), Swinton (12:04), Moorthorpe (12:27), Church Fenton (12 : 52) and York at 13:11.

After the York time, the steam locomotive will depart at 4:01 p.m. and pass through Church Fenton (4:14 p.m.), Castleford (4:36 p.m.), Wakefield Kirkgate (4:47 p.m.), Hebden Bridge (6:16 p.m.), Littleborough (6:34 p.m.), Miles Platting (7:18 p.m.), Manchester Victoria (7:32 p.m.), Eccles (7:43 p.m.), Newton-le-Willows (8:00 p.m.), Warrington Bank Quay (8:18 p.m.), Frodsham (9:17 p.m.) and Chester at 9:39 p.m., where the steam locomotive is removed from the train.

A diesel locomotive will bring the train back to Llandudno Junction, passing through Flint (10:26 p.m.), Prestatyn (10:43 p.m.), Rhyl (10:52 p.m.), Colwyn Bay (11:06 p.m.) and Llandudno Junction at 11:15 p.m.

The times above in brackets are approximate times. Please click on the links below, which follow the train throughout the day to stay updated as it passes through your local station.


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