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Do you know where, why and how your engines consume fuel? For many rail operators, the answer is no.

Onboard fuel tank readings are often inaccurate. Fuel data may be inconsistent and difficult to obtain. And rail operators lack a central database to store and analyze information, causing them to waste countless hours trying to connect the dots.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the new Wabtec Fuel app, operators gain full visibility into fuel consumption and have the ability to optimize operations in real time through an intuitive interface that works on any mobile device or web browser.

The Wabtec Fuel app collects and connects data from multiple systems and sensors to provide an up-to-date view of fuel consumption. It can connect to energy management systems, event recorders, train sensors, fuel gauges, locomotive control systems and external systems such as fuel depot records for valuable data and information.

The Wabtec Fuel app provides rail stakeholders with an easy way to view and manage operations, identify areas for improvement, and be alerted to potential fuel-related issues through an intuitive user interface based on a web and mobile browser. .

The app can recognize fuel consumption based on throttle, price, expense by locomotive class, shift, route, and geographic areas. This allows managers to get real-time visibility and alerts on outliers in their fleet, which could highlight other issues. The app can also provide insight into crew operational efficiency and offer recommendations on optimal locations and range for refueling. Plus, it detects faulty equipment or potential theft to prevent fuel loss and alert operators to suspicious activity.

Taking advantage of machine learning technology, the Wabtec Fuel app can also detect potential fuel leaks or unnecessary and excessive idling. This is all the more important as the railways are under pressure to reduce their gas emissions and follow other green initiatives such as electric vehicles and solar batteries. Fuel leaks and long periods of idling can result in a large amount of wasted fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rail operators can achieve savings of 3-5% per year with the Wabtec Fuel app, a significant reduction as fuel is the second largest cost behind labor, class railways I spending at least $ 1 billion a year on fuel.

Beyond monitoring fuel consumption, the app can support benchmarking of shifts and locomotive performance to define custom rules in specific areas or for specific engines. The app will also support weather integration, allowing railways to gain insight into how weather is affecting their operations and provide assistance with automatic engine start / stop (AESS) technologies in railways. weather scenarios.

Wabtec Fuel App’s advanced cloud-based analytics can examine massive data sets and reveal trends and patterns based on historical and real-time data so managers can adjust operations, fillings and procedures accordingly .

The more data the Wabtec Fuel app collects over time, the smarter it will become to spot problems, make smart predictions and recommendations, and lead the industry towards a profitable and greener future.

Find out how the Wabtec Fuel app gives railways more visibility and control while improving fuel efficiency.



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