TMH to supply shunting locomotives to Russian coal producer


The TEM18DM shunters will operate in three mines belonging to Kuzbassrazrezugol.

TMH Industrial Solutions has supplied four BMZ-built TEM18DM diesel shunting locomotives to Kuzbassrazrezugol to operate in three of its coal mines.

FOUR type TEM18DM diesel shunting locomotives manufactured by Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) have been supplied by TMH Industrial Solutions to Kuzbassrazrezugol, part of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) which is one of Russia’s leading coal producers , copper and zinc.

TMH Industrial Solutions and BMZ are two divisions of Transmashholding (TMH), Russia’s largest manufacturer of locomotives and railway equipment.

The TEM18DM locomotives will perform shunting and line haul duties on coal lines. Two will operate at the Kaltansky coal mine in Kuzbassrazrezugol, one will go to the Bachatsky open pit mine, the largest in the Kuzbass coalfield, and one to the Krasnobrodsky open pit mine.

“The development of the company’s railway infrastructure requires updating the locomotive fleet with modern high-quality machines,” says Mr. Dmitry Boyko, Director of Railway Transport and Infrastructure Development of Kuzbassrazrezugol.

“The TEM18DM functionally meet our needs. This is a modified and improved model of the TEM18 series of locomotives, which has proven itself at the enterprises of Kuzbassrazrezugol.

Last month, BMZ supplied three TEM18DM type locomotives to the Karelsky Okatysh iron ore mining and processing plant in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, two of which arrived in late May and the third in July to complete the six BMZ units already in operation there.

The TEM18DM combines reliability with improved emissions performance and economical fuel consumption. It also has diagnostic systems and has been designed to be easily repaired, and is capable of operating in severe climatic conditions, such as those encountered north of the Arctic Circle.

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