TransPennine Express Class 68 to tour the East Lancashire Railway


East Lancashire Railway have announced that a Class 68 locomotive will be visiting them for their upcoming Diesel Summer Gala.

Taking place from Thursday July 30 to Saturday July 2, the Diesel Gala is expected to feature an intensive schedule, with up to 17 locomotives and 4 DMUs in service.

Class 68 visits courtesy of rail operator TransPennine Express.

The 68 will run alongside Class 20 locomotives D8096 and D8107 (thanks to LSL), Class 26 No. 26007 (thanks to Victor Korzeniewicz), Class 37 No. 37703 (thanks to HNRC) and Class 60 No. 60046 (courtesy of DC Rail).

Credit: RailAdvent

These visiting locomotives join the resident fleet of Class 03 No. D2062, Class 09 No. 09024, Class 14 No. D9531 ‘Ernest’, Class 24 No. D5054 ‘Phil Southern’, Class 25 No. 25279 , Class 28 No. D5705 (to be displayed at Bury), Class 33 No. 33109 ‘Captain Bill Smith RNR’, Class 37 No. 37109, Class 40 No. D345, Class 42 No. D832 ‘Onslaught’, Class 45 No. 45108, Class 47 No. 47765, Class 50 No. 50015 ‘Valiant’, Class 104, Class 105 ‘Cravens’, Class 122 ‘Bubblecar’ and Class 144 pacer.

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