Trump’s Herbster Rally, BNSF Railway Protest, Ricketts denies millions


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Happy National Arbor Day

Reed Moore is proud to inform us that the country very first arbor day took place in Nebraska City in 1872.

Today’s News: The Omaha World-Herald dives deep into Gov. Pete Ricketts’ repeated denial of federal pandemic aid to support underserved communities, workers plan to protest new health system BNSF Railway’s work schedule ahead of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting on Saturday, April 30, and a Trump rally is scheduled for today, April 29, in Greenwood, with speakers who are, according to the Nebraska Examiner, “a who’s who of the Trump world” — and GOP candidate Charles Herbster is hosting the rally, the Nebraska Examiner reports.

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Making a reference is not telling a joke:
The film

Drifting somewhere between a Charlie Kaufman concept and “Point Break,” “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” seemingly ticks everything on the list of what’s needed for a cult classic: Two Nicolas Cages fight and then s kiss. End of list. Unfortunately, despite the “hot” Cage-on-CGI-Cage action and the human special effect that is Pedro Pascal, it turns out that a comedy needs real jokes too.

Review by Ryan Syrek. Posted in The Reader.



‘ Rona roundup:

Here is the latest on COVID-19 in Douglas County. And in case you missed it, Moderna is trying to get emergency use authorization from the FDA for its coronavirus vaccine for children ages 6 months to 5 years.

By the numbers:

This chart is updated at 8:20 a.m. on April 29. For the latest stats, click on the image, which takes you to the Johns Hopkins website.


  • District 2 candidates Alisha Shelton and Tony Vargas, both Democrats, are vying for GOP Rep. Don Bacon’s spot in the US Congress. Click here for their interviews with Nebraska Public Media.
  • Workers plan to protest against BNSF Railway’s new work schedule system outside Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting on Saturday April 30. Policy requires workers to be on call 90% of the timeaccording to the locomotive engineers.
  • ‘The real work has only just begun’: Governor Pete Ricketts and Nebraska lawmakers, including state senators Justin Wayne and Terrell McKinney, talk about taking action on a Stimulus package of 335 million dollars for underserved parts of the state, including northern and southern O.
  • The city could buy parking structures at Mutual of Omaha’s downtown campus, in addition to the new parking lot that will be built at Mutual’s upcoming downtown headquarters.


  • ‘It looked like someone had a gigantic torch’: Nebraskans get candid about living across the Route 702 Wildfire last weekend.
  • Governors of eight states – including Nebraska – want the EPA to issue a permanent waiver allowing them to continue selling ethanol-blended gasoline year-round without limits.
  • The Omaha World-Herald dives into Governor Pete Ricketts’ story repeated denial of federal pandemic aid to support underserved communities.
  • “I was terrified that in addition to sexually assaulting me, he was trying to ruin my public reputation – that’s exactly what he’s trying to do now”: The HuffPost does a recap of GOP gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster’s campaign ad attacking GOP state Senator Julie Slama, whose lawsuit against him alleges sexual assault.
  • A Trump Rally is scheduled for today, April 29, in Greenwood, with speakers who are, according to the Nebraska Examiner, “a who’s who of the Trump world.” GOP candidate Charles Herbster, whose Trump’s endorsement is making waves in the Republican Party, is hosting the rally, reports the Nebraska Examiner. Here is what people say about their intention to attend.


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From Harper’s Index

Estimated percentage decrease in the US condom
sales since the start of the pandemic: 8

Source: IRI (Chicago)


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