Turkey and Germany will pass when the new high-speed rail line is completed

turkey yht new line will be completed at the end of the year

The International Union of Railways (UIC), which is active in Turkey, according to data 594 km of high-speed train line. Turkey, 9 remains the most extensive high-speed train network in the world ranking. Class. The current lines are 1153 km. Upon completion of these lines will have 1747 km of high-speed train line and 5 in the world. will go up the line. This ranking includes current construction lines from other countries.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “If George takes the high-speed train, my Ahmed, Mehmedim, Ayşem, Fatmam will also take this high-speed train.” He pointed out that he had recently completed the high-speed train line in Turkey continues.

President Erdoğan, who attended the events in Sivas on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Congress of Sivas, announced that his high-speed train will arrive in Sivas until Eid al-Fitr.

So who is the world leader in the high-speed line? What is the situation in Turkey?

In the world of high-speed rail, China has a clear advantage over the world. According to UIC data, China’s 2019 thousand 31 km high-speed rail line, which has been in operation since March 43. The sum of all the other countries in the world is not equal to half of that of China. The second place is Japan with 3 thousand thousand 41 km. Spain (2 thousand 852 km), France (2 thousand 734 km), Germany (1 thousand 571 km) and Italy (896 km) follow this country.

Turkey in the world with 594 9 km. He ranks. In Europe, 5 is the current high-speed train line. is ranked.

UIC data also shows the high-speed train lines under construction in the countries. China continues to expand its network. China under construction is the 7,000,207 km high-speed rail line. Iran’s one thousand 336 km construction line is currently underway. While Turkey has 153,000 km of high-speed railways under construction. Spain, the European leader, will also extend its additional 904 km on its high-speed train line. In Germany, the 147 km has more lines.

When completed, the ongoing construction of 9 Turkey lines. Ordinary 5. will go up to the queue. China will once again take place at the top from afar. Spain will overtake Japan and rise to second place. In Turkey, then France 5. will be appropriate. When completed, the line’s ongoing construction will be Turkey’s 747,000 km high-speed rail network. Germany will have a 718 km network when it completes its current lines.

Source: I Euronews.co


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