UK: Railway strikes will affect at least seven operators across England on July 30

Jul 30, 2022 | 05:06 UTC

Railway strikes will impact at least seven operators in England, UK on July 30. Confirm reservations.





Around 5,000 train crew members of the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF) union are staging 24-hour strikes on July 30. The strikes were organized over wages and working conditions, affecting at least seven operators in England. There will be a complete shutdown of South East services, and reduced service is likely across the East Midlands Railway. Additionally, disruption is likely to affect services from Arriva Rail London, which also operates London Overground, Great Western, Greater Anglia, Hull Trains and the Heathrow Express. Delays and disruptions are likely to affect train services until early July 31. Replacement bus services may be available on some routes on July 30.

Journey times are likely to be increased when alternative transport is offered. Increased overcrowding is likely on available trains. Increased demand for alternative modes of transport, including buses, taxis and rental vehicles, is possible during the strike period. More intensive use of private vehicles could lead to increased traffic congestion.


Reconfirm all train reservations before traveling on strike days and consider alternative transportation. Confirm rental car and taxi reservations.


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