Update on the 2007 Prince of Wales P2 steam locomotive



The P2 Steam Locomotive Company (P2SLC) has released its latest update on the construction of the new London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) P2 Class No.2007 “Prince of Wales”.

Cylinders and valves

Following the announcement that P2SLC has selected Howco as a subcontractor to manufacture the cylinder block manufactured for 2007, the two companies have worked closely to ensure that the components produced are best suited for the ‘Prince of Wales’. “.

The result of this collaboration was the redesign of a particular part.

This part consists of the cruciform exhaust ports, providing the path for the exhaust vapor from the cylinders to the blow pipe.

Due to the space available, the piping must be curved in two directions at the same time. In order to produce the correct space, a detailed computer aided design (CAD) drawing is required.

Thanks to Martin Shepherd, who spent countless hours drawing the cruciform exhaust ports, a third of the test model was 3D printed, passing the tests.

1/3 scale model of the Cruciform Exhaust Ports Credit A1SLT

Martin has now started producing designs for the cambox oil coolers and 12 valve axle pump lubrication, with 3D printed models to be followed in due course with help from the Warwick University Manufacturing Group. (WMG).

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