Video of railway line before XPT train crash between Sydney and Melbourne shows unsafe conditions


A terrifying video has emerged showing the dangerous conditions train drivers face when an XPT derailed last week, killing two people.

The train can be seen shaking side to side, as the driver struggles to negotiate a crooked track and mud holes on part of the Sydney-Melbourne line.

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We can hear him say that the conditions are so bad that he cannot drive at the recommended speed limit.

The ARTC is now facing demands from train users, unions and the Victorian government to provide safe travel conditions – to avoid a repeat of last week’s fatal crash.

It comes as the recovery of the derailed train is almost complete.

Contractors from Transport for NSW put the lead locomotive on a specialized flatbed truck on Tuesday around 1 p.m., while two cars were mounted on trucks Monday evening.

An XPT train which derailed in Victoria, killing two crew members, is removed from the crash site. Credit: PAA

The trucks will leave for Sydney on Wednesday and return later in the week to load the two remaining wagons at the site.

ARTC contractors have already started repairing the tracks before the signaling work begins.

The XPT train from Sydney to Melbourne derailed in Wallan on Thursday evening, killing experienced driver John Kennedy, 54, and his pilot, Sam Meintanis, 49, of Castlemaine.

It was revealed on Monday that Kennedy had shared his concerns with a friend about train faults on previous trips on the same route.

The scene of the XPT train derailment.
The scene of the XPT train derailment. Credit: DAVID CROSLING/AAPIMAGE

“My last six trains back from Melbourne have been very late or canceled mainly due to train problems,” read an email sent to Australian National University professor Clive Williams on February 3.

“Three of the six runs I was reduced to one engine, on another trip I had no ‘speedo’ and the only trip without train failure was disrupted by the big derailment last week.”

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The derailment mentioned in Kennedy’s email is believed to be about a freight train that left the tracks on January 29 at Barnawartha, about 200 km north of Wallan.

Australian Transportation Safety Board investigators had been on the scene since Friday morning and will issue a preliminary report after 30 days, before a final report in 18 months.


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