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BELGRADE — Today President Aleksandar Vui attended the promotional ride of the new “Stadler KISS” high-speed train on the Belgrade-Petrovaradin line.

Source: Tanjug

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Photo: Instagram/buducnostsrbijeav

On this occasion, Vui said that it was a picture of a different and changed Serbia, and what was once a mockery now looks completely different.

Today the president and his associates, along with partners from Russia and China who have worked to build a high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad, rode a train 200 kilometers east hour for the first time on Serbian Railways.

Upon entering the car, the president greeted the train drivers, asking them about their experience with the new train so far.

“The train is going 200 kilometers per hour, you don’t have to be afraid, enjoy the ride,” they told the president and agreed that the most beautiful part of the whole route was the Cortanovci Viaduct. “The train is extraordinary”, commented the president.

As he said, some people in Serbia have never taken the train, but that will change now.

The president said it looked “like a nice, smooth train” but there were a million glitches and problems.

“We’re still waiting for the commercial ride to start on March 15, and these are the final preparations, so it’s safe and secure so people can enjoy themselves,” Vucic said. He pointed out that Serbia has changed all that, it is now a different country, and a lot of money has been invested in this project. “With different infrastructure, different stations… which was a mockery then, now it’s different. I’m proud and I’ve told the people of Stadler that I can’t hide my joy when I approaching the train… It’s fantastic,” Vucic said. As he said, he was very impressed with the scene at the Cortanovci viaduct.

“It’s such a beauty… with a view of the Danube, but also of the whole of northern Serbia, all of Vojvodina is beautiful,” added the president.

He reiterated that the train will have two versions, that is, one will run shorter, about 35 minutes, directly Belgrade – Novi Sad, without stopping, and the other slightly longer than 57 minutes .

The president said he prefers this 57-minute journey, not because it’s cheaper, but because you stop at stations, see what Indjija, Pazova, Karlovci, Petrovaradin look like…

“People will have the right to choose. But, with this, we have connected Belgrade and Novi Sad,” Vucic stressed. Vui and the other passengers were served coffee and chocolates, and the president, taking the first chocolate bar on that train, said he would keep it as a souvenir.

Ministers Tomislav Momirovi, Aleksandar Vulin, Irena Vujovi, Prime Minister Igor Mirovi, Mayors of Belgrade and Novi Sad Zoran Radojii and Milo Vuevi, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesi also attended the test drive with Vui.


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