Waterloo Central GMD1 locomotive debuts in new paint scheme


Locomotive’s CN-Inspired Look Revealed During Tourism Promotion Race

Diesel locomotive in green and gold livery
Waterloo Central’s GMD1 locomotive displays its new livery. (Stephen C. Host)

ELMIRA, Ontario — A rare GMD1 locomotive donated by Canadian National to Waterloo Central Railway in April 2021 has appeared in a new paint job. Former CN No. 1437 made its first appearance on the heritage railway on March 5, 2022, as WCR No. 1012.

“It’s thanks to the volunteers; they did an amazing job,” said Waterloo Central general manager Peter McGough, who had nothing but praise for the team of volunteers who hand-painted the green and gold decor inspired by the design of the 1980s. 1950 from CN.

Built in 1958 at General Motors Diesel in London, Ontario, the locomotive would have had a similar layout at birth, but would have been fitted with A1A bogies and a smaller fuel tank. These features were changed in a 1980s rebuild by CN.

The locomotive operated as part of a Waterloo Region tourism promotion, giving members of the media and influencers a short ride to Elmira, Ontario to promote the region’s tourism potential. With the Elmira Syrup Festival canceled again due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the railroad went all out in the promotion.

The debut of the repainted locomotive saw photos taken by volunteers and fans to celebrate the efforts of the Waterloo Central team.

– Updated at 8am CST to correct 1980s reconstruction details.

Diesel locomotive pulling two cars passes barn
The Waterloo Central promotional train passes a Mennonite farm just south of Elmira, Ontario. (Stephen C. Host)


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