What do you think of the plans to transform an old railway line into a tram line?


People have given their opinion on a proposal to turn an old railway line in Netherfield into a new walking and cycling route.

A tram line could also be incorporated for the 3.5 kilometer mineral line from Netherfield Station to Gedling Country Park – on the site of the former mine

Gedling Town Council hopes the plans will be implemented as studies suggest they could bring a major improvement to the health and wellbeing of surrounding communities.

Allan and Gwen Wooley, who lead a walking group once a week from St George’s Center in Netherfield, said they would welcome plans for a more accessible footpath.

Mr Wooley said: “I’m actually taking the walking group along a small part of the mineral line, after crossing the football pitches.

“It’s still very hard on the feet.

“I hiked it myself to the Gedling mine and it’s a fantastic walk, taking about an hour. There’s no traffic, and lots of open space and nature.

“There have been discussions about this for some time, so it is long overdue.

“My only concern is with a tram as well as a train line, we could have a problem.”

Gwen Wooley added: “There was quite a bit of discussion about who would even use the tram when we have such a good bus service.

“The Netherfield train line is already hopping so a tram can stop it.

“Unless it’s maybe extended to Arnold, I don’t see it being used much.

“As a footbridge and cycle path, it would be used more.”

Nottinghamshire Live Facebook readers also had mixed opinions.

Richard J Poole wrote: “A brilliant idea. As a cycling and walking route. And a perfect time to move forward.

Keith Pritchett added: “The light rail system is a major asset to the city, and further expansion is needed.”

Nick Sombrero Harrison commented: “I don’t understand [the tram], doesn’t go that far north. Or even as far as Redhill. Might have a cracking park and ride there. It is as if the North had been forgotten.

“I would love it to be a walkway for running and walking! I don’t really need the tram,” added Abbie McGinley.

Debii Anne Issi wrote: “It can do a lot for the community, especially if you go to Gedling Country Park, making the park more accessible.”

But Becca Lisa agreed there could be problems on the roads, commenting: “Traffic in Netherfield is bad enough with the train line without a separate tram line as well.

Caroline Petrie wrote, “Tramcars always have trouble – a little glitch on the tracks and they stop. If there’s an accident, they can’t swerve like buses do.”


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