Work on the Karaikal – Peralam railway line begins this month


With the New Delhi Railway Board providing funds for the laying of a new line from Karaikal to Peralam falling within the boundaries of the Tiruchi Railway Division, the Southern Railway Construction Organization (SRCO) has offered to start work soon.

Work is expected to begin in the fourth week of this month, a senior railroad officer said. The Hindu. For several months now, SRCO has been carrying out soil analyzes on the 23 km section to lay the foundations and to find out whether the soil requires treatment before the start of work.

The Railway Board, New Delhi, sanctioned 177.69 crore last year for laying the new line from Karaikal to Peralam as a material change to the gauge conversion of the Tiruchi – Nagore – wide gauge section. Karaikal and specified the breakdown by department of the cost estimate of the project for its implementation.

A substantial part of the funds must be used for civil works. A meter gauge line laid years ago from Karaikal to Peralam and which remained in place until the 1980s was dismantled, resulting in the suspension of rail services in the section. Amid repeated demands from travelers and the general public in Karaikal and the surrounding area for the revival of the rail link, the project to lay a new line was approved and the funds approved by the Railway Council.

As part of the project, SRCO would build new stations along the stretch, including one in Tirunallar where Lord Saneeswarar’s famous shrine is located, attracting thousands of worshipers from various parts of the country. SRCO would need about three hectares of additional land in Peralam for the new route of the line, the official added.

The section would have a major bridge to be built over the “Vanjiyaar” and around 77 minor bridges. The section would have three guarded level crossing gates en route and subways. Once the new line has been laid and put into operation for the operation of rail services, the Peralam station, located between Mayiladuthurai and Tiruvarur, would become a junction.

The project is expected to take a year to complete, the official said, adding that the new line from Karaikal to Peralam would significantly reduce the time required for freight trains leaving from Karaikal to other destinations via Mayiladuthurai as they do not need to make a detour via Nagore, Nagapattinam and Tiruvarur to reach Mayiladuthurai which is the case at present. The new line would also result in reduced fuel consumption in diesel locomotives in both directions, the official added.


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